About 19th Century Antiques

19th Century Antiques is an exclusive gallery offering the largest selection of 19th century French antique furniture, bronzes, paintings, clock sets, and vases.  Included in the museum-quality collection are exceptional pieces by renowned artists, furniture makers and horologists such as Linke, Sormani, Beurdeley, Grohé, Dasson, Mêne, Carreir-Belleuse, Mercié, and Raingo Frères, and Sèvres.

19th Century Antiques depicts the grandeur of an era associated with aristocracy, royalty and sophistication. A defining feature of the collection is its deeply rooted historical significance and the use of quality materials and fine condition. Each piece at 19th Century Antiques is characterized by its own unique narrative, design aesthetic, and technical achievement.

19th Century Antiques enhances the region`s cultural enviroment by providing a unique space that appropriately contextualizes the items to reinforce their iconic status, authentity and value. The collection is one of the largest in the world and through strong relationships with antique advisors, restorers, and art historians, 19th Century Antiques offers customers a high level of expertise and advice.

19th Century Antiques is the region`s most exclusive destination for art and antiques and provides individuals with an unparalleled opportunity to own a piece of history.