Art Plus Privé magazine event

18 February 2015
19th Century Antiques Gallery, Boulevard Emirates Towers

19th Century Antiques gallery hosted a cultural evening by Art Plus Privé magazine

Dubai, February 18th , 2015

19th Century Antiques, Dubai's exclusive French antique gallery was pleased to host a cultural evening in collaboration with Art Plus Privé magazine, issued under the patronage of Consulate General of Russian Federation in Dubai and Northern Emirates.

"It is an extremely successful event" - Jacqueline Perrottet says, gallery Director.

19th Century Antiques offers one of the largest of 19th century French Antiques in the world, specializing in rare furniture, bronzes, paintings, clock sets, and vases. Included in the museum-quality collection are exceptional French antiques by renowned artists, whose works are now in world-famous museums including: Louvre, Versailles, Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, Musée d'Orsay, Petit Palais Mu seum, The State Hermitage, Beaux-Arts Museum and many others.


Over 120 guests joined the evening to celebrate art, including Council General of Russian Federation. The event at 19th Century Antiques brought together art lovers and appreciators in one unique space. During the event 19th Century Antiques staff provided private tours to guests offering information about French history, highlights of the collection, including the high level of craftsmanship and variety of genres. The evening continued with a special performance by Opera Pop. Guests enjoyed the variety of famous songs and themes from Italian operas.


19th Century Antiques prepared a special gift bag for every guest - a unique gallery publication including a forward by Christopher Payne, the leading expert on European antiques.


About 19th Century Antiques:

19th Century Antiques depicts the grandeur of an era associated with aristocracy, royalty and sophistication. Each piece in the collection is characterized by unique narratives, design aesthetics and tech- nical achievements. Opened in 2013, the gallery represents one of the largest collections of 19th century French antiques in the world and offers rare and surviving examples of exclusive fine art. The gallery enhances the region's cultural environment by providing a unique space that appropriately contextualizes the items to reinforce their iconic status, authenticity and value. 

Photo and video credit - Art Media